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Ghibli's Karigurashi no Arrietty to Open on July 17

I know it will be awhile until the dvd release usually a year later but i cant wait to see some trailers for this.
Akira Kurosawas views on Totoro and Miyazaki San-anyone who can make a movie as honest,beautiful as My Neighbour Totoro must be cherished,because movies like this are rare,even rarer in the animation world,Miyazaki is one of the few contempoary makers of animation who truly respects his audience,his material,and his medium.
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It was fantastic, by the way. Really damn good, made me feel optimistic about the studio's future being in good hands.

Here's my full review if you want to take a look (should be the first one up there):
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Ghibli is the greatest thing to ever exist in this plane of...uh...existence. Seriously, though, it is.

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