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Would you join a Studio Ghibli Roleplay?

My friend and I are in and have seen many roleplays, but we've never seen one for Studio Ghibli characters. We both think it would be an interesting idea to make one, but we need to be sure people would join before we do. ^^; Please comment~ Thank you.
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It would be interesting try asking in the rpg section and as if you have any questions.
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What kind of setting exactly? What sort of characters?
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Alright, thanks. ^^

For the setting, the RP would be facebook based and we'd have a different group for each movie, each group having a specific admin. There would also be a main group where all the characters would be able to interact. It's set after the movies, so the roleplayers can choose their character's fate. As for the sort of characters, I'd say any is fine. A long as they appear in a Studio Ghibli film. ^^;

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