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Originally Posted by theamazingspide View Post
ok this is a complete guess but

i would assume that it was becuse nasicaa was handled so badly by new world pictures people probally thought this would end in the same edited mess that nasica had also I would say that the use of actors as voice actors were also frowned on

well i would say that the backing of disney is the major diffrence and the fact that myazakis latter work has been more kid friendly then his older stuff and becuse like disney movies kids and adults can enjoy the movie without the use of fart jokes
Thank you for trying your hand at this particular question. I will give the answers and someone else can have a turn at giving a quiz question.

The answer to part A was that it was initially slated to be released without a Japanese language track. And this had many in the fan community up in arms so to speak. Miramax made a good decision to listen.

In part B, I was looking for the fact that all of Miyazaki's domestic releases are usually voiced by A list American actors as opposed to the common voice actors used for the purpose of dubbing in English. And it should be noted that even the English language dialogue is more of an accurate translation of the original Japanese script as opposed to other anime releases. There are less liberties taken with the English script and Miyazaki has been known to sit in on the English dubbing process so even the tone of the dub matches that of the original Japanese counterpart.

Your answer about Disney as a major source of support and advertisement was good as well. Again, thank you for taking time out to answer the challenge.
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